Families gardening together at the Commons

Heather Menzies

Gabriola Commons

Wednesday, March 27 2019

Young parents who’d like to garden together, and with their kids, plus learn about gardening along the way have a chance to do this at the Commons this year. They are invited to use what’s called the Kitchen Garden (located just outside the community kitchen on the Commons), sharing the work of planting, weeding etc., and sharing the food that they and their children produce. 

It’s a pilot project bringing together members of the Commons farm team with members of the Gabriola Garden Club. Details will be worked out by the participants themselves, but roughly, it will begin with an initial meeting of parents who’ve signed up (details below) with or without their children. 

After everyone has looked at the gardening space available, we would sit down to talk about options on how to proceed, including when to schedule the coaching sessions, how to decide on what to grow and how to share responsibility for the work.

Garden Club and Commons Farm Team members would also attend, offering guidance on planning and planting a garden. 

Interested in participating? Please contact one of the project coordinators:

Anne Havard: annehavard@hotmail.com. Tel: 250-247-8287

Heather Menzies: heather_menzies@carleton.ca. Tel: 250-325-9037