Fishing Report for April 10, 2018

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, April 17 2018

There are good reports coming from offshore at the Fingers in the 800 to 900 foot water depths. Multiple fish trips to 24 pounds have occurred. Inshore Grande to waterfall is producing some fish, bottom bouncing the 120 to 180 foot depths. Soon, the offshore fishery should start fishing between Thrasher and Entrance. Try fishing the 600 to 800 foot contour at 120 to 180 on the downriggers. Rhys Davis teasers in clear green scale, spoons in Evil Eye, Killy MaGee, Pink Sink, or the T-Rex hoochie are prime baits. There are lots of hatchery fish in the mix this time of year, probably of U.S. origin.

Prawning is good off The Flat Tops. Try the 350 foot contour with tuna cat food as bait, and expect around 70 jumbos per trap.

Good fishing!

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