Fishing Report for April 12, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, April 12 2016

I attended the Avid Anglers salmon DNA meeting on Wednesday, and was fascinated by some of the revelations by renowned scientists Dick Beamish and Brian Riddell. Brian mentioned that the two things that started disappearing simultaneously with the coho in 1994 and 1995 were juvenile herring, and the kelp beds. Dick Beamish actually requested a ten-year moratorium on commercial herring fishing, and was rebuked by the fact that DFO would have to somehow compensate the fishermen for their loss or revenue. Why DFO would not follow the advice of these two men is totally insane. I am paid to go catch fish. If the fish were no longer available, would DFO pay me? I think not! 

The US has just made it illegal to commercially exploit any forage fish, including herring. Good old “green” Canada is lagging behind, again. On the bright side, there is a fledgling program called the Marine Survival Project which is an ecosystem based, inter science program. It has a budget of 20 million dollars for 2014 through 2018, is privately funded, non-governmental, and is a US/Canada partnership. For details go to 

Recent warm waters may have a very detrimental effect on salmon. In 2014 “The Blob” appeared in the Bering Sea, bringing dramatically increased ocean temperatures. Sea temperatures were up three degrees in the Gulf last summer, river levels were very low in early fall, and that has been followed with El Nino this year. These conditions are a very serious threat to salmon survival. 

Locally, our fishing is still slow. Traditionally, the Fingers lights up in mid-April with the start of the big chinook migration. Hopefully, this year will continue that trend. Strangely, the few chinook that are being caught are in shallower water, 100 to 135 feet of ocean depth.

Prawning is still slow too. Hopefully, they will return to their normal haunts soon.

Good fishing.

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