Fishing Report for April 19, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, April 19 2016

The chinook have finally started to come through our waters. Bottombouncing in 160 to 180 feet from the Grande through Whalebone produced fish up to 15 pounds from the SilverBlue this week. Neck Point has been good for Jack Boudin, with fish up to 19 pounds. Lures of choice include the Killy McGee, Bob Marley, Lemon, and Mongoose spoons. The offshore fish should show soon, out in the 600 to 800 foot depths. Typically these are fished at 140 to 180 on the downriggers. Hopefully, this is the spearhead for the mass of fish that normally migrate through in April, May and June.

Prawning is still slow, and the commercial season starts around May 7. Then we’re down for two months. Not looking good for a stash of sea bugs.

Good fishing!

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