Fishing Report for April 26, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, May 3 2016

Just when I thought it was getting good the chinook seem to have diminished again. Hopefully this is just a moon phase, or planetary alignment, because it should get very productive, very soon. The fish were inshore along the Grande to Whalebone running in 160 to 180 feet of water. Offshore, fishing really hadn’t materialized much yet which is strange, as they usually school in 800 feet of water off the Fingers then distribute this way. By May 1, you can generally run straight out from Silva Bay and fish the 600 to 800 foot contour and catch lots of fish. I have been using the Killy McGee and Lemon Soda spoons every year, and when there are fish, they have been hot.

There are lots of coho off the Fingers, Thrasher and Vancouver. You can retain hatchery coho after June 1.

The ling and rockfish open May 1. I am frankly very worried about the ling stocks. Last year you had to actually work to catch them. In years previous, they were quite easy to find. So please, just take what you can eat fresh. Don’t kill a bunch to feed the neighbourhood. Don’t kill anything over 15 pounds, as the large fish are the female spawners. A 30 pound fish can contain 600,000 eggs. Limit your kill. If we don’t, we are going to be closed down again, and it will be only ourselves that we have to blame. There is a new rockfish release mechanism which allows you to release rockfish, even from 300 feet. It is basically a set of pincers that you put on the rockfish’s lips. You slowly let it down to the depth you caught it then use the release mechanism. Apparently, even fish that have bugged eyes and a distended swim bladder can recover when this is used. 

Prawning still sucks. The commercials start in two weeks. Adios, amigos.

Good fishing!

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