Fishing Report for Aug. 15, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 15 2017

We have very sadly lost another of our Gabriola fishing fraternity. Thor Simrose passed away last week, and that really touched everyone I know. Thor loved getting out at dawn, catching a couple of Chinook at the Grande, and still being on site in time for work. He fished the West Coast for salmon on occasional work breaks, and trout fished the North.

I have many very happy memories of Thor, but two stand out. 

Thor and his wife Sandy were fishing on the SilverBlue, and we got a bite while I was bringing the gear up. It turned out that a diving duck had hit a hoochie at 35 feet, and was hooked in the bill. Thor was trying to be very gentle with it, but it kept taking bites out of his arm while he was holding it. You could see his grip increase a bit, and the duck was doing this kind of Donald Duck noise. Thor finally got the hook out of the soft underside of his bill, and the duck went rocketing out of there, none the worse for wear.

When we blasted the upper outfield at Rollo/MClay, Thor and Viv Williams were moving large rock with their big excavators. From a distance, it looked like something from a science fiction movie, with these huge machines ‘throwing’ one ton stones around the field. Sort of like their own game of softball, excavator style. Thor and Viv put in many, many volunteer hours at the field, and it would not be there without them!

Chinook fishing has gotten thinner this week. The ‘Money Hole’ and Entrance Reef are producing some nice Chinook, but depths range 190 to 260 feet on the riggers. Grande through Whalebone holds mostly undersized fish, with the occasional 12 to 18 pounder in the mix. Thrasher is showing lots of bait, but bite times are short at the Rock. Dane and Clyde are having some luck jigging off the

Fingers, for both Chinook and Coho. I’m going to try some jigging this week.

Ling fishing is good off Thrasher and Entrance Reef. Try plastics, bait, or jigs from depths of 35 to 70 feet.

I’m going to do a test set on the prawns tomorrow, so we’ll see!

Good fishing!

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