Fishing Report for Aug. 8, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 8 2017

Fishing was very good until the vast schools of dogfish arrived, then the northwest winds blew for four days. Outside Entrance Reef was producing numbers of chinook in the 10 to 20 pound range. These were being taken in 200 to 220 feet of water, fishing the downriggers at 220 feet. Small Evil Eye or 3 1/2 inch Cop Cars were lures of choice. 

Traditionally, the fish move into Thrasher now, and we spend this month and early September at “The Rock.” The only trouble is that it’s a long way between Thrasher and Entrance if the fish move again. Occasionally, we’ve been at Thrasher with no results, and the radios are beaming about Entrance. It’s about 25 minutes to make the move (and $50 worth of fuel), so it’s much more user-friendly if the fish are split between the Grande and Thrasher.

Normally in August, fishing is done on the 120 to 150 foot contour between the Thrasher marker and the red can. I personally feel this is one of the fishes’ last feeding stations before heading to the rivers.

The coho are getting bigger and better, but we still have not caught a hatchery coho. We lost a coho at the boat that looked to be about 8 pounds last weekend. The ones we’ve released are weighing between 5 and 6 pounds. They are such lovely fish.

There is still no sign of the pinks, and they are supposed to arrive in huge numbers this year. They are late, and I wonder if the size of the run was overestimated.

Ling fishing is going on at Entrance and Gabriola Reef. Try large plastics, bait or jigs in 30 to 70 feet of water for the “tasties.”

I’m getting different reports about the prawning, some good, some bad. I’ll try it myself next week.

Good fishing!

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