Fishing Report for August 14, 2018

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 14 2018

Thrasher is very quiet, strangely, as normally we get some big mature fish there this time of year! Grande to waterfall is producing nicely, bottom bouncing in 135 to 160 feet of water. Entrance holds some fish, skirting the edge in 200 feet of water. Blue Meany and T-Rex hoochies are flavour of the week on the Silver Blue. French Creek is alive with hatchery Coho, and Sangster Island produced some eye popping catches of Chinook jigging this week. The sockeye are flooding towards the Fraser, and it is time to head to the Sand Heads! Small pink hoochies fished on 24 inch leaders attract the socks. Clyde, Dane, Jimmy and the boys are killing it jigging off the Fingers some days. Wish we had the intel locally to keep on the fish jigging here!

There is a huge dogfish infestation, one like I haven’t seen in 20 years. Bottom fishing with bait is impossible! We’re even catching them trolling for salmon. Try jigs or plastics for the ling and rockfish. Don’t use scents when trolling for salmon. The doggies have very keen olfactory senses, and if they can small bait, watch out!

Prawning is great! Try good ole tuna cat food at 350 for best results!

Good fishing

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