Fishing Report for August 23, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 23 2016

Chinook fishing was very good at Thrasher and Entrance this past week if you could get out in the big northwesterlies. The winds just continue to blow and blow, sometimes calming in the early evening and allowing people a chance to fish for a few hours. Interestingly, the major bite has been coming on slightly after the high tide change. Several fish in the 20 to 30 pound range were landed. Lures of choice include Rhys Davis teasers in green/chartreuse or clear green scale, spoons in Evil Eye, Killy McGee, Bob Marley, Watermelon, Cop Car and Pink Sink, or the T-Rex or Blue Meany hoochies. Surprisingly, some of the large fish are red fleshed, although most are marbled.

The coho have distributed elsewhere temporarily. We are catching one every other trip, and this week they were all wild fish and had to be released. Hopefully their numbers will increase again locally soon.

We had trouble hooking and landing ling the one time we fished them this week. It’s funny, with their huge mouths and aggressive nature you would think once the bait was in their mouths, game over. But sometimes they are as subtle as salmon in their take, and we end up pulling the hooks out of their mouths, or losing them halfway to the boat. The ling are the favourite fish of Dick Beamish. I think they are truly remarkable also. People always say how ugly they are, but they are perfectly suited for their top-end role of predator on the structure. Big mouths, sharp teeth, long slim body, mottled colouring which blends with the environment, plus their big gold eyes - really very beautiful fish. And tasty.

Prawning has been relatively good for us over the past week. We averaged 75 per trap and there are no spawning females. We are throwing back about 25 little dudes, but the rest are medium to large. Same, same: 350 feet, tuna cat food, Flat Tops.

Good fishing!     

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