Fishing Report for August 26, 2013

Bob Meyer

Monday, August 26 2013

Heide Evans with a 22 pound chinook taken on the SilverBlue at Thrasher August 7th. Bob Meyer photo 

The winds blew S.E. for four days, then reversed and blew N.W. for three days. Jigging and bottomfishing were difficult, as I spent most of the time steering the outboard in reverse to keep the lines vertical. Trolling the Grande or Thrasher proved to be mildly worthwhile, as we averaged only a chinook per trip while fishing these areas. Billy (Bullhead) Boyte managed a nice 27 pound chinook, fishing in 300 feet of water off the Flat Tops on a green spackleback hoochie at 120 feet. Depths range 80 to 180 feet, lures best for trolling include Rhys Davis teasers in the “greens,” Coyote of Silver Horde spoons in Bob Marley, Kitchen Sink, Mongoose, or the green spackleback or glow white hoochie. The jigging is still hot off Hudson Rock when conditions allow. Perkins, MacDeeps, or Lil Nibs fished beside and below the bait schools will entice the chinook. 

  There are still pink salmon flowing through our area on the way to the Nanaimo River. We have caught these incidentally while trolling for chinook I haven’t heard of any coho being caught locally this week. The D.F.O. has closed the sockeye for retention this year off the Fraser. This is a major disappointment, as we were going to make two trips over to target the socks.

  Ling fishing has been more difficult this past week, with the winds and tides being strong. We still managed limits most days, but sometimes they seem to have definitive bite times, almost like the chinook salmon.

  Prawning is still good for numbers, but the average size is dropping off dramatically. We are seeing more small prawns, and considerably less of the prized “jumbos”. Fishing the Flat Tops with tuna cat food at 300 to 350 feet will lure the sea bugs.

  Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters based out of Silva Bay, Gabriola. Tel: 247-8807 fax: 247-9700.