Fishing Report for August 28, 2018

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, September 5 2018

Chinook fishing was tough over the weekend, as the big northwesterlies plagued us again, and the only fishable spot was the green can off Thrasher. Thrasher is usually my go-to spot this time of year, but it is strangely quiet. 

Fishing picked up mid-week at the waterfall and Whalebone. Again, this week, these are all male chinook. Most of these fish are jacks, which are chinook males that only spend one year in the ocean, then go into the rivers to spawn. If there are enough mature males, these fish die without spawning, but are insurance that the female eggs do get fertilized. Ninety per cent of these fish never reach the minimum 24 1/2 inch size limit for retention, but actually would be the ultimate target food fish for anglers. 

Some of the undersized males weigh 7 to 8 pounds. Mixed in with the jacks are mature chinook males in the 10 to 15 pound size range. Some of these are beginning to darken rapidly as they await the rains for their spawning run. All but one of the chinook taken on the Silver Blue in the past two weeks have been males. It is obvious that occasionally the species travel separately by sex. The best method for catching the chinook this week is by bottom bouncing 135 to 165 waterfall through Whalebone, with Blue Meany hoochies, or Kitchen Sink spoons.  

The coho are more concentrated off the Fingers than around Gabriola. Fishing in 500 feet of water, and trolling at 120 feet with Evil Eye or Killy McGee spoons seems to be the ticket there. We are catching the occasional coho off the Grande and Entrance.

The sockeye are in off the Sand Heads! Sometime soon I want to do a run there, and catch some tasty socs.

  Ling fishing has been worthwhile off Thrasher and Entrance. Whole herring on sliders has been my bait of choice.

  Prawning is excellent off the Flat Tops. Try tuna cat food fished on the 350 foot contour for best results.

  Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters. 250-247-8807