Fishing Report for August 4, 2015

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 4 2015

The pinks are swarming in local waters. Thrasher, Entrance, offshore , and the Fingers are producing huge amount of these fish. I’ve been trolling at 140 to 160 feet with small Homeland Security, Pink Sink, or Killy MaGee spoons, and catching lots of pinks. These fish generally only weigh 3 to 4 pounds, and don’t fight much until they get to the surface, at which time they jump crazily and race around the boat. I have found that getting in front of the person catching them with the net, and leading them in, they will frequently jump right into the net. These fish taste great very fresh, or smoked. They tend to get mushy if they sit in the fridge for two or three days. Because of the abundance, it’s a good fish to stock up on for smoking, and I don’t mind filling the cooler with this species.

We’re still catching nice chinook off Entrance Reef, and sometimes offshore. The fish coming in this week are wild fish with marbled flesh. They fight like crazy, sometimes jumping, and putting up a great fight. We’ve been catching them trolling at 160 to 220 feet, primarily on the Killy MaGee and Homeland Security. The Fingers has been good trolling for chinook, and Dane has been jigging large chinook off the Humps in Nanaimo with small jigs. Don Furnell has been working the Whalebone area and coming up with nice catches, also. Ling fishing seems to have perked up a bit this week. We doubleheaded a nice 12 and 15 pound ling off Entrance Reef, using large herring in 70 feet of water. Prawning is starting to come back a bit. The Cabezon reported getting 50 a trap out in the deeper water, around 400 feet off the Flat Tops. 

Good fishing.  

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