Fishing Report for August 5, 2013

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 6 2013

Adult chinook proved harder to find over the past week. There were some nice fish in the 15 to 25 pound range caught, but the vast majority of the catch were undersized 3 to 5 pounders that had to be released. Thrasher and the Grande are still worthwhile, and generally in August we see a new stream of large chinook move into these areas. Depths range from 80 feet early in the day, to 180 feet during daylight hours. Whole or strip baits fished in Rhys Davis green/chartreuse teasers, Coyote or Silver Horde spoon in Lemon Lime, Bob Marley, Mongoose, Kitchen Sink, or Cop Car, or hoochies in glow white or green spackleback seem to be lures of choice.

I had one neat trip with some great folks honeymooning from England. They wanted to see the array of fish that inhabit these waters. We ended up catching chinook, coho, and pink salmon, ling, rockfish and kelp greenling, and a bucket full of prawns. Very cool! There are some pinks migrating through now, and they are being caught both inshore and out in the 400 foot depths. 

The coho are mostly up around Icarus Point, and they are reaching a nice size! The one we boated was around 8 pounds, which is a wonderful size for a Gulf coho in the end of July!

Ling were a little tougher to come by this week. The currents were wicked off Thrasher and the Flat Tops, and I spent most of the time with my outboard running in reverse trying to keep the lines vertical. Target depths seem to be 50 to 70 feet this week.

Prawning has been amazing for this time of year. We caught 250 jumbo prawns in two traps, which is almost as good as it gets here. 

Try tuna cat food fished at 350 feet off the Flat Tops for best results.

Good fishing!

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