Fishing Report for August 7, 2019

Bob Meyer  

Wednesday, August 7 2019

Chinook fishing was hot and cold over the past week. The fish seemed to be moving with the bait, and on pretty strict bite times. Grande to waterfall was great when it was on! Bottom bouncing with the T-Rex hoochie in 160 feet of water provided some fantastic fishing. Entrance was spotty, and the fish seemed to come in small clusters, then would lull. Thrasher to green can was particularly hot and cold, either full on or completely dead. 

The tides were very extreme during this period, which may account for some of the volatility. Hopefully this trend moderates this week with the lessor tides.

We are catching some absolutely gorgeous Coho! Unfortunately, they have all been wild and released. One Coho actually weighed about 10 pounds, and was the largest I’ve seen in 20 years.

Prawning is great for quality! 

Huge big prawns, generally 50 to 100 per trap.

Good fishing!

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