Fishing Report for December 5, 2018

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, December 5 2018

If DFO is truly interested in boosting chinook stocks for local orcas and specific rivers, why are they not curtailing the commercial herring fishery and giving the chinook 20 per cent more food to eat? 

Why are they not funding more habitat restoration and hatchery production, which has proved so successful on the Cowichan River? The Cowichan has returned to near historic levels in its chinook abundance. 

If they are interested in providing more food for the orcas, why did they allow a two and a half week commercial chum fishery on the Nanaimo River stocks, knowing that chums are very important to the orca’s diet also. Their logic continues to evade me...

Hopefully the November doldrums for chinook will end soon. There is a distinct lack of herring and chinook in local waters, but this should change by mid-December.

Prawning is still great. Go catch some “sea bugs!” 

Good fishing! 

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