Fishing Report for February 28, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, February 28 2017

There are a few chinook around Porlier, Thrasher and Grande to Waterfall, but Entrance, the Fingers and Neck Point have dried up. 

I ran into Angelo and Tom from Fisheries in the Silva Bay parking lot, and they said the main herring mass was distributed around Porlier this year, so that is where the commercial fishery will take place. I wish they would just put a five-year moratorium on the commercial herring fishery. 

Try fishing in 150 to 170 feet of water, within 10 feet of the bottom. Rhys Davis teasers in green/chartreuse, spoons in Evil Eye or Killy McGee or the T-Rex hoochie are baits of choice. Most fish are undersized, and must be gently released. The majority of fish are of hatchery origin, and probably originate in the States. I wonder if Trump is going to put a $5 tax on every hatchery chinook we catch? Or put up a net wall so that they can’t enter Canada?

Prawning is still good off the Flat Tops. Try the 350 foot contour, with tuna cat food as bait.

Good fishing!

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