Fishing Report for January 12, 2015

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, January 14 2015

I’ve gotten two reports that the outside of Porlier Pass is teeming with chinook and coho. One photograph shows hundreds of seagulls surface-feeding on the herring there. Where there’s food, there’s usually fish. Jason, guiding out of Vancouver, kept three nice chinook, and released several others. His main fish enticer was spoons fished with no flashers, due to the incredible water clarity. The really big news is that there are lots of blueback coho there, too. This means some of the fish have stayed on the inside, rather than migrating to the west coast. When there were an abundance of coho here in previous times, some of the fish would migrate and some would stay on the inside. I used to fish a lot in the winter, as the number of fish caught was incredible. I would troll two downrigger lines for the chinook, and two toplines for the coho. We used to keep a few coho in the winter, even though they only weighed a pound and a half to two pounds - just a perfect meal for two people. 

As much as I respected Terry Gjernes of DFO, it was his theory that all the coho migrated out, then came back in March. My logbooks told a very different story, as there were huge roaming hordes of coho in the winter months here. Over the past decade, it is my belief that a lot of our chinook migrate to the west coast in winter, and return in the spring. The reason for this is lack of herring in the Gulf. Some good DFO biologists agree with me. In any event, nice to see an abundance of bait and fish somewhere close to us.

Prawning is good off the Flat Tops. Fish the 350 foot contour with tuna cat food as bait, and expect 100 per trap.

Good fishing!   

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