Fishing Report for January 20, 2015

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, January 21 2015

Terminal gear for salmon trolling starts with the colour and brand of flashers. My go-to flashers are the Hot Spot green surround, one side fluorescent, and the Purple Haze. The Cabezon introduced me to the Betsy last summer, and it seemed to catch larger, but fewer fish in August and September. Standard fare on the West Coast is a purple surround, gold-bodied flasher, but it seems to work more effectively over there than on inside waters. The standard red surround, silver-body Hot Spot works well for sockeye and pinks. 

For those fishermen who favour bait, the Rhys Davis teaser heads in clear green scale or in green/chartreuse - both work very well here. Bait leader lengths generally run five to seven feet, and the baits must be tested for roll visually before being trolled if using whole baits. Tom Davis would rig several baits in their heads, and troll them next to the boat with a spare rod and quick clip to make sure they were rolling properly. That way you had bait ready to fish when you got a bite. 

Spoons are generally fished on five to six foot leaders for chinook, four feet for coho. Top producers here are Coyote or Silver Horde in Kitchen Sink, Mongoose, Cop Car, Killy McGee, Bob Marley, Pink Sink or Night Rider. I still love the Kripple K in green/silver - if you can find them. Spoons are generally fished at 2 to 2.3 knots. 

Hoochies are fished on 34 to 38 inch leaders for chinook and coho. Top patterns include the Army Truck, green spackleback, yellow spackleback, gold splatterback and fluorescent white. For pink, sockeye and occasionally coho, fish small pink hoochies on 24 inch leaders, and cut back the speed. Good fishing!  

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters based out of Silva Bay, Gabriola. Tel: 247-8807.