Fishing Report for July 10, 2018

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, July 10 2018

The week started nicely, with some good catches of Chinook coming from Thrasher, the Flat tops, and Entrance Reef. The Chinook were taking T-Rex and Blue Meany hoochies, and various spoons at 135 to 220 feet. Some big Southeasterly winds came in Friday and Saturday, which limited fishing to Grande to waterfall, which had very mixed results. One day there would be a mix of Chinook and Coho, but most of the Chinook were undersized, and most of the Coho wild fish. When we did encounter larger Chinook, they were very deep-bottom bouncing in 220 feet of water. So, hopefully conditions improve this week, and we can get back to Thrasher and Entrance Reef!

Some of the Coho are reaching 5 pounds! Fish West of Thrasher in 200 to 300 feet of water with 4 foot leaders, 3 inch Killy MaGee or Evil Eye spoons, and speed it up a bit. Entrance Reef and outside Snake Island holds good populations of Coho, also.

Ling and rockfish are happening at Gabriola and Entrance Reef. Try jigs, plastics, or bait in 35 to 100 feet of water for best results.

The prawns are beginning to recover a bit, but are not yet at peak levels.

Clyde has a couple of weird things happen last week. A Humpback Whale started scraping the barnacles off it’s back on his boat, once actually raising it up in the air! Then he was on the UBC research boat, and was jigging herring. A 14 pound Chinook grabbed one of the herring, hooked itself, and Clyde actually landed it. Something to be said for live bait!

Good fishing!

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