Fishing Report for July 18, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, July 18 2017

Chinook fishing keeps flip-flopping like a salmon on the deck. Again, there seems to be small schools of fish at fickle bite times in various locales. Thrasher, Grande to Whalebone, and Entrance Reef all occasionally show fish, then it slows. The Fingers has good populations of coho to keep people busy when the chinook aren’t around. Unfortunately, there are few in our waters. 

The chinook seem to be stratified by bait concentrations, mostly near the bottom. On certain days, they are shallower, 85 to 140 feet. Lures of choice remain bait in green/chartreuse Rhys Davis heads, spoons in Cop Car, Evil Eye, Watermelon, Kitchen Sink or silver/blue, or hoochies in T-Rex or Blue Meany. 

The pinks are starting to show, and they are supposed to appear in great numbers this summer. They have that odd appeal of great abundance, but are small and best consumed either super fresh or smoked. They tend to get mushy if left in the fridge for a day or two.

Ling fishing is worthwhile off Gabriola Reef and Entrance Reef. I had two people describe releasing 30 to 40 pound females today, which is very heartening. Please release anything over 15 pounds as they are the large spawning females. It still amazes me that DFO finally put a top-end size limit on halibut, but refuses to do so on the ling. Why protect the spawning halibut, and not ling?

Good fishing!

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