Fishing Report for July 19, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, July 19 2016

Chinook fishing is good off Thrasher and Entrance Reef, with the occasional fish being caught off Whalebone. 

The fish are generally deep, 200 to 220 feet, but we’re catching the odd chinook at 120 to 140 feet. 

Some of these fish are good-sized, 15 to 20 pounds, and the majority are wild and marbled fleshed. 

Lures of interest include Rhys Davis teasers in green/chartreuse, or clear green scale, spoons in Evil Eye, Killy McGee, Pink Sink, Watermelon, Bob Marley or Mongoose, or the Blue Meany or T-Rex hoochie.

The coho are in 300 to 400 feet of water off Entrance Reef. 

For some reason two thirds of the fish this week were wild, and the hatchery keepers were smaller, around three pounds. 

It is still brilliant to have these fish around. 

People targeting them are catching 8 to 10 fish a sitting. All the small spoons, Kripple Ks, Bob Marley’s, Killy McGees, on three to four foot leaders will attract these fish.

Ling fishing is productive off Gabriola and Entrance Reefs. Try depths of 35 to 70 feet, with large bait, jigs or plastics for best results.

Prawning sucks.

Good fishing!

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