Fishing Report for July 5, 2016

Bob Meyer

Monday, June 6 2016

Chinook fishing remains largely the same as last week. Grande through Whalebone is littered with undersized 3 to 5 pound fish, with the occasional keeper in the mix, mostly in the 10 to 13 pound range. Fishing 140 feet to the bottom is the method of choice in this area, with D.C.’s to the Woodchucks (waterfall area) being the hot spot. Entrance/Entrance Reef is still producing the larger fish, 15 to 20 pounds. These are mostly deep, 200 to 220 feet on the downriggers. Thrasher is still moody, but the occasional nice fish is coming from there on the very short bite times. Lures of note include Rhys Davis teasers in clear green scale or green/chartreuse, spoons in Evil Eye, Killy MaGee, Watermelon, Pink Sink, and Mongoose, or the Blue Meany or T-Rex hoochie.

There are quite a few Coho around, and they can be caught on smaller versions (3 inch) of the before mentioned spoons.  Try shortening the leaders, and ramping up the speed for this specie.

Ling fishing is worthwhile off Gabriola and Entrance Reef. Try large bait, plastics, or jigs fished on the bottom in 35 to 65 feet of water.

The prawning sucks.

Good fishing.

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