Fishing Report for June 16, 2014

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, June 17 2014

Chinook fishing was again either blazing hot or scattered all over the place this week. We had a trip off Thrasher where we kept 6 fish between 9 and 20 pounds, went out the next night looking for picnic fish and hooked up with 8 in two hours, although only 3 came to the net. 

SilverBlue photo: Connor Murphy and Matt Stradiotti playing “kissy fish” with the 14 and 18 pound chinook they caught on board the SilverBlue May 31st

The Mainland Bobcat Derby produced very mixed results, with everyone catching fish, but they were spread out all over the place. The winning fish weighed 23.5 pounds. On Tuesday, David was over on Predator and hooked 14 fish at Thrasher, keeping a limit of 8 chinook. We fished Wednesday evening, and the currents were so strong at Thrasher that we could not fish there and only ended up with one 6 pound chinook. 

Regan and Sylvie fished Thursday morning, and caught 4 nice chinook in a couple of hours off the waterfall. The tides are going to be very severe on derby weekend, which usually makes the fishing very erratic. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Depths have been running 100 to 180 feet depending on light conditions and bait school depths. Lures of choice have included Rhys Davis teasers in green/chartreuse, or clear green scale, Silver Horde or Coyote spoons in Killy McGee, Bob Marley, Irish Cream, Kitchen Sink, Pink Sink or Cop Car, or hoochies in T-Rex or green spackleback. 

Coho haven’t been in evidence much this week, but hopefully they’ll come around again. Try 60 to 120 feet on the downriggers, and use 4 foot leaders, small spoons, and fish at higher speed.

Ling fishing has been productive at Gabriola Reef. Try large bait, jigs, or plastics at 35 to 65 feet.

Prawning might be okay. The commercials didn’t do too heavy a pounding at the Flat Tops, and were only in there a month. I’m going to try it for the first time next week.

Good fishing!  

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