Fishing Report for June 2, 2014

Bob Meyer

Monday, June 2 2014

We’re all rippin’, roarin’ and ready for the big Silva Bay Salmon Derby set for June 14 and 15. Get your tickets at Silva Bay Marina, Page’s, Harbour Chandler or Gone Fishin’. Thanks to Regan and Sylvie for doing the marvelous job on posters and tickets. They look great, and it was a terrific donation. 

Clyde Wicks has been working his magic too, and we have over $10,000 in cash and prizes this year. Gabriola merchants have again been very generous, and we thank you all. Village Foods and IGA teamed up to provide us with free burgers, and Robert at Silva Bay Restaurant will be selling beer and sides at the ceremony on Sunday. 

There are a few new rules this year. Everyone in the boat who is fishing should have a derby ticket. The ling prize will be awarded to the fish closest to 15 pounds. The released chinook category will be chosen by a draw, rather than largest released fish. There is a $700 Islander ladies reel to be awarded to the largest chinook caught by a female. If a woman should win the first prize of $1,000 for largest chinook, this prize will be awarded to the second largest chinook caught by a woman. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and the fish will be biting.

Commercial prawning has been closed early this year at the Flat Tops. It will probably take awhile to recover, but it is safe to go back to that area. There has been a commercial crabber pounding Silva Bay for the past six weeks. It took five years for this fishery to recover, and has been quite worthwhile over the past two years. Now we’re probably right back where we started with severely depleted crab stocks. This is just absolute ignorance. You can feed everyone in perpetuity on Gabriola, or you can feed one man for six weeks. Why DFO doesn’t close all the bays in the Gulf Islands to commercial crabbing is a sin. I am going to bring this up at our next SFAC meeting, and push the agenda. 

Chinook fishing has been very worthwhile at Thrasher, the Fingers and offshore. Most of the fish are in the 10 to 15 pound range, but there was a 30 pound tyee taken off the Fingers this week. It is strange, but all of the thinner fish are white or marbled, while the fatter fish have all been reds. Depths range 80 to 160 feet. Lures of choice have been whole or strip baits fished in Rhys Davis teasers in green/chartreuse or clear green scale, Silver Horde or Coyote spoons in Irish Cream, Bob Marley, Killy McGee, Kitchen Sink, Cop Car or hoochies in Army Truck or green spackleback.

Graeme Ireland caught the first halibut of the year. It weighed about 15 pounds, and was caught in 180 feet of water off the Grande while bottombouncing. Good fishing!   

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters based out of Silva Bay, Gabriola. Tel: 247-8807 fax: 247-9700.