Fishing Report for June 2

Bob Meyer


Wednesday, June 2 2021

Shell and I did a test fish last night, and the Waterfall was alive with Chinook! We fished for an hour and a half, had 4 doubleheaders, and two strikes while I was lowering the line. We boated and nicely released 10 Chinook estimated to be 7 to 11 pounds. These were taken bottom bouncing in 135 to 155 feet of water, with Cookies and Cream spoons as bait.

Ling fishing is consistent for fish in the 7 to 10 pound range. Try fishing the humps in 35 to 85 feet of water.

The commercial prawners are out, so my traps are in.

Scientists have now proven the link between a deadly fish farm virus and Chinook Salmon. This syndrome first occurred in Norway when fish farming was in it’s infancy, and scientists have been concerned about it’s possible effects ever since the dawn of ocean net fish farms in B.C. My feelings have always been that if there was a 1% chance of farm fish infecting wild fish that open net pens should be banned. 

I am not against fish farming, as long as it is done in tanks on land, with no possibility of contaminating wild fish. The rebuttal to this is cost, but that point should not be relevant when our wild fish stocks are at risk. 

Government has always been very pro fish farm. 

So, as such, they should make long term waterfront leases very affordable to the fish farming community. 

And, the fish should be raised in tanks, out of the ocean. If the product costs more to produce, the consumer will have to make up that difference.

Here again, I am going to go after D.F.O. for their role in sustaining these farms, despite all evidence of their harm to wild salmon. The rivers, which are the salmon’s homes, really need some renovations. Their food, the herring, need to be left alone for ten years to regenerate. 

The salmon’s health should be protected by not having fish farms spread their disease and sea lice into their domain. 

We need to increase Chinook hatchery production, and fin clip every single hatchery fish. 

First Nations, the commercial fisherman, the sport fishermen, and the Orcas all need a healthy Chinook population to survive. 

It is time to become very proactive in repairing the obvious.

In denigrating D.F.O. policy, I am by no means disparaging individual D.F.O. employees. Some of my life long friends work, or did work for D.F.O. They are uniformly extremely intelligent, hard working, and science oriented. D.F.O. also seems to produce a great work environment. It is astonishing that with a $3.3 billion dollar budget, and great staff, that this bloated bureaucracy can be so absolutely dysfunctional!

Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters. 250-247-8807