Fishing Report for June 23, 2014

Bob Meyer

Monday, June 23 2014

The June 14 and 15 Silva Bay Salmon Derby was a blast - there were 304 entrants, and $6,000 was raised for the Nanaimo River hatchery. Many thanks to our fish weigh guys Normie and Stewart, our ticket vendors, Silva Bay Marina, Pages, Harbour Chandler, and Gone Fishin’. Kudos to our cooks, Tannie and Sabrina. Our burgers were brought to you through the generosity of Village Foods, IGA and Investors Group. 

Thanks to all our generous sponsors: Harbour Chandler, Amundson, Ace Line Haulers, Scotty, Wholesale Sports, Berry’s Bait and Tackle, Pacific Net and Twine, Skippers Marine, Gone Fishin’, Nikka Tackle, Gibbs/Delta Tackle, Midland Tools, Investors Group, West Marine, Milwaukee Tools, Penn, North Van Fish and Game, Pacific Boat Brokers, Sea Pro, Rhys Davis, Shimano, L’il Nibs Lures, Jughead Lures, Pure Fishing, Black Cat Lures, LGI Industrial, Oki Tackle, Arbutus Building Supplies, Village Foods, Gulf Island Seaplanes, Vancouver Whale Watch, IGA, Parksville Boathouse, Robert VanPelt, Mike Smith, Pages Resort and Marina, Silva Bay Inn, Silva Bay Marine Repairs, Silva Bay Marina, Canadian Tire, Nanaimo Home Hardware, Original Hair Design, Costco, Wholesale Sports, Redl Distributing and Ron Springer. 

A huge thanks to Clyde Wicks for obtaining most of the sponsorships, and to Regan and Sylvie for doing an amazing job of printing the posters, tickets and signage for the event.

There were 150 salmon caught over the one and a half day event. The largest was caught by John Chan, and weighed 31.48 pounds. This captured the $1,000 first prize. There were no coho or halibut weighed in the derby. Jaden Reisen caught the ling closest to 15 pounds at 15.05 pounds. The $1,000 Islander pink rod and reel was still available on the table, but Jaden (about 10 years old) really wanted a small, pink spinning outfit worth about $30. Her dad insisted on the Islander (probably for his wife), and Jaden looked distressed going back to her table. Clyde Wicks won a prize soon after, and immediately got the pink spinning combo for Jaden, and gave it to her. All the women sighed. In all, we handed out about $12,000 in prizes to about 100 people. 

Dennis Hoy (seen in the photo with Clyde Wicks and Bob Meyer) won the $3,500 structure finder donated by Harbour Chandler as a draw prize. It was really funny, as he had no idea there was a draw prize or of its magnitude when we called his name. He is now threatening to start salmon fishing again, with all this technology. 

Fishing over the past week has been good, but erratic. On Saturday during the derby, we boated eight chinook, but found them inshore/offshore Grande to Waterfall. These were taken between 135 and 180 feet on tiny strip in green/chartreuse, or medium strip in clear green scale. I had a really fun group on board, and we shared a lot of goofiness over the two days. Thrasher produced some nice fish too, but again there wasn’t a concentrated bite. Fish were generally at 120 to 135 feet on the structure hitting Killy McGee or green spackleback hoochies. 

Both places have been producing moderately good fishing over the week.

We should really treasure this derby. The intimacy and camaraderie found here isn’t found most places. This is very special place.

Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters based out of Silva Bay, Gabriola. Tel: 247-8807 fax: 247-9700.