Fishing Report for June 9

Bob Meyer


Wednesday, June 9 2021

Tom Davis sent me the D.F.O. working papers for Chinook Salmon in 2021. 

It details the D.N.A. findings and hatchery abundance in all the areas, and the results were astounding. 

In local Area 17, there were 1,146 samples submitted last year. 

There were less than 10 Chinook captured from The Fraser Rivers of concern. 

This is under 1%, and by D.F.O. standards termed very low risk. So, D.F.O. has closed our fishery for three years, to save under 10 fish per year. 

Being that we would be retaining hatchery fish only, which do not occur in the streams of concern, and only would be retaining approximately 1,500 fish in the annual total, the total of captured fish could actually amount to fewer than 10 Chinook originating from troubled stocks. With some minimal stream restoration, they could be producing thousands of more Chinook in these rivers. 

With the addition of hatcheries, they could be producing tens of thousands of fish in these rivers annually. 

Victoria waters hold up to 80% hatchery origin Chinook, as the U.S. bound fish migrate through them. A Victoria guide did a test fish a few days ago, and released 16 Chinook, 14 if which were of hatchery origin. 

And, there is not a hatchery retention fishery allowed there. D.F.O stated in their findings that they would like to have substantially more D.N.A. work done to study the situation more thoroughly. 

We have provided more than 5,000 samples over the years, with our volunteer efforts. They have all the science they need, and continue to completely ignore it. It would be very interesting to know specifically who is providing the political pressure to create this travesty.

There are Chinook everywhere locally. The waterfall is on fire trolling, and Clyde and Steve had one of those “movie days” jigging off The Fingers the other day, hooking fish every five minutes. Remember to release the Chinook gently, with a minimum of handling.

I haven’t chased the Coho around, yet. Hatchery Coho are open, with a two per day limit.  I am going to try trolling shallow this week, to see if there are any in the neighbourhood.

Try Ling and Rockfish at Gabriola and Entrance Reef. Fish between 35 and 85 feet deep, looking for pinnacles and ledges in the structure. Medium herring, or large jigs or plastics work well.

The commercial prawners are fishing, so I’m not.

Good fishing.

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