Fishing Report for MArch 13, 2018

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, March 13 2018

D.F.O. is worried about certain Chinook and Coho stocks. Wildlife groups and D.F.O. are worried about local Orca populations. 

Resident Orcas primary food source is Chinook Salmon. Ninety percent of Chinook and Coho diet is herring. The commercial herring fishery takes twenty percent of the Chinook and Coho food supply away. The average size of Chinook Salmon is declining. This is not rocket science. Ban the commercial herring fishery for five years, and see what effect it has on rebuilding salmon stocks. I have never talked to anyone who sport fishes that supports the commercial herring fishery. I know two PhD fisheries scientists who would love to ban it. D.F.O., to my knowledge, has never done a stock assessment of Gulf herring. The price of herring is down. Many of the boats are leasing their licenses, so that the license owner sits idly collecting his money, while the operator takes his chances trying to make a living off very narrow profit margins. It is time for change in this horrible fishery!

  Thrasher is still producing some fish, but the herring are on their spawning run, so there will be lots of movement in the next month as the herring come inshore to spawn, then return back into deep water. I think even the salmon sometimes have trouble with so much movement, as Clyde reported tons of bait at Thrasher today, but slower fishing.

  Prawning is still excellent, but declined after the herring spawn last year. Ron Springer was diving last year at this time, and reported seeing prawn is very shallow water. I wonder if they do go inshore, and eat the eggs? If anyone knows the answer to this, I’d love to know!

  Good fishing!     

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