Fishing Report for March 18, 2020

Bob Meyer  

Wednesday, March 18 2020

There hasn’t been much fishing activity this week, due to high winds. Chinook fishing should still be good at Thrasher and the Grande, but the herring have just spawned, and that leads to more eccentric behaviour. The herring come from deep water, spawn on the kelp, then retreat to deep water. So, that nice, consistent pattern of bottombouncing in 160 to 220 feet of water can be interrupted by lots of movement. Find the bait, find the fish. The only problem, some days, is that there’s lots of water out there! So, try the normal tack, then go out into the deep if the fish aren’t present. A month from now, our superlative offshore fishing begins. The only problem is, that Chinook non retention starts April 1st. Even though I believe the odds to be very low, I am hoping for a retention fishery this spring. We do not impact those troubled upper Fraser stocks in Area 17, and half of the Chinook passing through here in April and May are of hatchery origin. The majority of these hatchery fish are come from the States, and even the Americans now would prefer a hatchery retention program, so that we all preserve the wild fish. Negotiations continue with D.F.O, but we all know how those usually end up.......

I still don’t have the final catch statistics on the commercial herring fishery. Apparently the seiners were catching small, immature herring in their sets. So, they were shut down. The gillnetters were allowed to continue, but the results have not been revealed. Why there was any fishery allowed at all is a complete mystery, as logic and science would dictate the opposite approach.

The pulse restriction is now over at the Flat Tops, so prawn away all month! There has been some correlation between the herring spawning, and the prawning slowing down over the past two years. I wonder if the prawn come inshore, and feed on the herring eggs? No one has been able to answer that question, so if you know, shoot me an email!

Good fishing!

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