Fishing Report for March 20, 2019

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, March 20 2019

D.F.O. and S.F.A.B. are still negotiating terms for the 2019 Gulf Chinook fishery. Apparently Proposition C is off the table, with A and B the two working possibilities. So, we either get no Chinook retention April through July, or one Chinook during that time period. I think everyone can live with a one Chinook limit, none, not so much! Anglers are waiting to put their boats in the water, I am still taking reservations for charters without knowing the limits, and we have temporarily put the annual Silva Bay Derby on hold until we get the news. This decision should have been made by March 1st, so people would know how to proceed with their season. D.F.O. should have been addressing the problem of the Fraser Tributary Chinook shortages long ago with enhanced stream restoration, and hatcheries. The really frustrating thing is that we’ve been D.N.A. testing thousands of Chinook over the past five years in Area 17, and know that we’re not affecting the stocks from those streams to any substantial effect. Hopefully, I’ll have some good news in next weeks column!

I am going to get the petition to stop the commercial herring fishery on Gabriola, and will let everyone know how to access it for signing. One other choice piece of news is that most of the herring are being made into fish meal to feed the farm fish. The fact that the wild Chinook are being deprived of their primary food source to feed farmed salmon is a travesty!

Chinook fishing was sketchy this past week. The herring have spawned, and are are moving back into deep water, so there is a lot of movement of bait and fish. Looking in all the normal haunts can be productive, but the next concentrated fishery will be offshore in mid April.

Prawning remains solid, try the 350 foot depth off the Flat Tops, and expect very good results.

Good fishing!

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