Fishing Report for May 22, 2018

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, May 22 2018

The chinook are in summer water depths already. When fishing the Thrasher to green can route, we found some very nice fish (to 25 pounds) in 100 to 120 feet of water. Most of the boats are fishing out in the 600 to 800 foot depths, but the bite seems more sporadic out in the deep. There is lots of bait in the shallows, and the fish have six- to eight-inch herring in their tummies. 

The hottest lure for me this past week is Clyde’s favourite, the Pink Sink. The Kitchen Sink, Evil Eye, and Lemon Soda have been worthwhile also, as have the T-Rex and Blue Meany hoochies. 

The plankton and surface weed have been horrendous some days. My downrigger wire and monofilament are coated in goo. It was so bad, I had to remove all the fishing line, clean the reels and put on new line. I usually wait until the bloom is over, but I’ll just do it again in a couple of weeks when the water finally clears. It’s a good thing the fishing is so exceptional, as it’s worth the effort. There are still lots of fish in the 9 to 14 pound range, but more in the high teens to mid-twenties beginning to show.

When we did fish in the deep water, I was amazed at the number of coho present. In one day, we caught and released seven, with the largest looking to weigh around four pounds. June 1 marks the first day of retention for this species, but we will have to wait and see if we can retain any wild fish this year. The past two years, it has been a limit of one per day, hatchery only. 

Be sure to consult local tidal regulations before retaining any coho.

Ling and rockfish are open, and are available at Gabriola and Entrance Reef. Try large bait, plastics or jigs in 35 to 70 feet of water for best success.

The commercial prawners are out, so I’m not prawning for the next couple of months. They are setting strings in our trolling route at Thrasher in 150 feet of water. Either they know something we don’t, or shouldn’t be doing this for a living.

Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters. 250-247-8807