Fishing Report for May 9, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, May 9 2017

Chinook fishing is more random than in the past three weeks. The bite times seem more pronounced, and the fish are more spread out and holding in small pockets. Fishing off the Fingers has been quite good, Thrasher deep-water fishing has been more hit and miss, and some boats are running out into 1200 feet of water to catch fish. Depths on the downriggers have been 140 to 200 feet. Hoochies have come on, with the T-Rex and Blue Meany top choices. Spoons in Evil Eye, Killy McGee, Knight Rider, Lemon Lime, and glow green/white are good picks. 

The plankton bloom was almost unbearable on May 4. It was not only covering the monofilament, but also adhering to the downrigger wires, creating its own numerous “stops.” It’s probably with us for a while yet, and is really painful to deal with. When the bloom ends, I strip all the line off my reels, clean them, and put on new line. When you clean the lines by pulling the plankton off, it tends to mildly fray the monofilament. This can result in the loss of a big fish later in the season, and is not worth risking.

Ling season has started, but my one attempt at fishing them was largely futile as the tide was just ripping through Thrasher. Try large baits, jigs, or plastics at 35 to 70 feet for the ling.

The commercial prawners will be fishing by the time you read this. I am putting my traps away for two months.

Good fishing!

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