Fishing Report for November 1, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, November 1 2016

The concentrated commercial fishery continues on the chum salmon off Snake Island. I wonder what the projected run is into the Nanaimo River this year? I’m also curious what the commercial fishermen get for this species, as it traditionally has been very low. The chum were considered to be “bulletproof” in the old days. When the chinook and coho stocks were plummeting in east coast Vancouver Island rivers, the chum stocks stayed very stable. Then they too took a dramatic plunge. Obviously, this must be a very good return, or DFO would not be allowing the volume of this fishery.

There are some feeder chinook off the Fingers and Neck Point that run in the 8 to 10 pound range. Grande/Thrasher is producing almost all undersized fish, but they are relatively plentiful. Try the T-Rex hoochie, Evil Eye spoon or bait in the Rhys Davis teaser fished from 120 feet to the bottom for the fall chinook.

Prawning is good off the Flat Tops. 

Try tuna cat food fished on the 350 foot contour for best results. Expect 100 per trap.

Good fishing!

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