Fishing Report for November 21, 2018

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, November 21 2018

There is much discussion happening internally in DFO about how to provide more Chinook salmon for our local orcas. This touches my heart, as orcas are my favourite creature, yet I fish for the Chinook. So far DFO has cut daily individual limits from two Chinook to one in season, and closed large areas to Chinook fishing. To me, the obvious solution is to produce more Chinook salmon. The will and the money is there to do so, yet DFO is resistant to this approach. Some of their scientists believe in a wild fish policy, yet stocks are dwindling in some rivers. Habitat restoration has worked wonders in the Cowichan, and combined with the hatchery, stocks have rebounded strongly. The Nanaimo hatchery could have taken 200,000 more eggs this year, given some notice to do so. Combine habitat work with increased hatchery production, and give the Orcas and the fishermen more Chinook to catch? DFO is also considering cutting the daily personal prawn limit from 200 to 100 per day. Their theory is that the commercial prawn season has been shortened in recent years, so there should be a reflection in the sport take also. What they’re not saying is this is because the fleet has become so efficient they are hitting their limit earlier. We will see where this goes! It is amazing the heritage, and huge financial contribution of sport fishers ignored by DFO.

The sport fishery surpassed the commercial fishery in economic contributions to B.C. decades ago, yet any cuts to halibut, salmon and prawn limits come from the sport sector. Go DFO!

Good fishing!   

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters. 250-247-8807