Fishing Report for Oct. 31, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, October 31 2017

 I attended the local S.F.A.B. (Sport Fishing Advisory Board) meeting on October 26th, and there were mostly good news scenarios being discussed. The good news is that the Cowichan River had it’s largest run of Chinook salmon in probably 15 years! Combined adult and Jacks may have hit the 15,000 mark! The is an indicator stream, and fishing opportunities revolve around it’s success. The Nanaimo had decent returns, and already had 36,000 Chum upriver, so they are allowing the commercial fishery to commence outside our door. My one problem with this is the possible Coho mortality, as some Nanaimo River fish enter late in October, and early November. The Big Qualicum, and Quinsam also had good Chinook returns, but the Chemainus only had two adult females of origin, and six Chinook that strayed from other rivers. Not a good outlook for the Chemainus! Clyde mentioned a funny thing while at the meeting. He took Terry Gjernes out fishing recently, and they were catching all undersized Chinook. Clyde mentioned that the 23 inch Chinook would be legal in another month and a half, and Terry said, “no, they go into a dormant stage for a few months at that size, and they won’t be legal for a few months.” 

Terry actually instituted the 24 1/2 inch size limit with that fact in mind. Too funny! I always really liked Terry, he was one of the real straight shooters in D.F.O. A truly rare animal these days! Too bad he retired!

Chinook fishing was great for 3 to 5 pound fish last week, but keepers were very rare. Try Grande to waterfall, 140 to 180 feet of water, downriggers at 140 to the bottom. I’ve been using the Evil Eye and silver/blue spoons, and they are catching lots of fish. Just the wrong ones!

Prawning is great off the Flat Tops. Try tuna cat food on the 350 foot contour, and expect 100 or more per trap.

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