Fishing Report for October 31, 2018

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, October 31 2018

Despite predicted low returns, the commercial Chum fishery has been out in force this week. It is supposed to be of short duration, but still seems ridiculous in this situation. 

The other problem, which was severe the past two years because of the length of the fishery, was the impact on late arriving Coho. 

The Chum fishery locally, and especially on the Fraser has a high incidence of Coho interception in the gill and seine nets. 

This has very high mortality on the very fish D.F.O. is trying to protect. 

Early arrival steelhead on the Fraser meet this same fate, and they are on the endangered list. 

Is there enough benefit from this fishery to offset the dangers it produces towards other species?

Chinook fishing remains the same. Mostly undersized fish mixed in with the occasional legal. Try bottom bouncing in 135 to 180 feet of water off the Grande to waterfall, or Thrasher to green can with Blue Meany’s or Watermelon spoons.

Prawning ranges from good to crazy good off the Flat tops. Clyde told me that the new fine for retained berried females is $150 per prawn. The fine for prawns over your limit (200 per person, per day) is $150 per prawn. Even I occasionally miss returning a berried prawn, but after learning of these new fines, will be looking very carefully at my catch!

Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters. 250-247-8807