Fishing Report for October 7, 2020

Bob Meyer


Wednesday, October 7 2020

  Chinook fishing has come to a standstill over the past week. Steve caught a 12 pound Chinook bottombouncing with a Blue Meany hoochie in 200 feet of water off the Grande, and that was the only legal Chinook reported on my fishing info line. 

In mid October last year, Chinook fishing was quite good off the Grande, bottombouncing in 160 feet of water, but time will tell!

Clyde reports good Coho fishing in 350 to 400 feet of water off Neck Point. The fish are 40 to 70 feet deep, and taking small spoons. The vast majority of these are wild fish, but there is the occasional hatchery fish in the mix.

The Chum are around in good numbers, they jump frequently, and land on their sides. 

These fish bite quite well to the North of us. 

Browns Bay has a Chum Derby in mid October every year, with most people experiencing good results. 

Here, not so much, as they are very tight lipped. 

Try small pink or pink/purple hoochies fished on short (24 to 30 inch) leaders, and fish slowly, with the flashers barely turning. Stack 4 rods, and create lots of flash. Generally depths run 40 to 100 feet. Bring someone really conversational, a good book, or music from your favourite hip hip artist, as you will see far more fish than you catch. Grandpa Simpson syndrome is common while fishing the Chums.

  Prawning is still worthwhile off the Flat Tops, 50 to 75 per trap. 

Be sure to look for berried prawn, and release them.

  Good fishing!

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