Fishing Report for Sept 19, 2017

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, September 19 2017

Chinook fishing continues to dwindle locally, as most of the fish have headed for the rivers. We caught one 20 pound chinook in three trips last week, so the odds aren’t good. There are still tons of immature coho attacking the lines; one trip I checked two lines ten times, and released 18 coho. Be sure to check the lines frequently, especially at Thrasher. 

DFO closed pink salmon for retention on Sept. 14. This is unheard of, and must mean the stocks have plummeted to cause this closure. This is very troubling. We are catching the very occasional hatchery adult coho off Thrasher and the Grande, and there are some at Entrance Reef which can be jigged.

Ling and rockfish close on October 1. 

The prawning has been great, sometimes up to 125 per trap.

Good fishing!

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