Fishing Report for Sept. 8

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, September 8 2015

Well, the rain came, and we surely needed it. I don’t know if it provided sufficient water for the salmon to actually enter the rivers, but it sure moved the pinks and most of the chinook out of our waters. 

The pinks had been a blessing/nuisance depending on your point of view. 

From my perspective they added nice action to our trips while waiting for the chinook to bite. 

The pinks were present for a month and a half off Entrance Reef and in other locales. 

Hopefully another batch will move through on their way to the rivers. 

The chinook fishing had been quite good last week but declined when the big low front came through. There are still some chinook at Grande through Whalebone, and at Thrasher. 

These are feeder chinook, and not the larger mature fish. 

We should get another two weeks of large fish if traditional patterns materialize. The chinook are taking strip baits in clear green scale teasers, Bob Marley or Killy McGee spoons.

You will be allowed one wild coho retention starting September 11. I haven’t caught many coho yet this year, but they tend to become more abundant around now.

The prawns are back! They’re large and plentiful. Expect 75 to 100 per trap. Good old tuna cat food at 400 feet seems to be the ticket.

Good fishing!

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