Fishing Report for September 1, 2014

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, September 2 2014

Chinook fishing improved last week, and fishers were getting a fish or two per trip off Thrasher and the Grande. Trolling with tiny strip in green/chartreuse, or spoons in Killy McGee or Bob Marley at 120 to 160 feet was the favoured method. The immature coho are out in droves at Thrasher, so checking your lines every fifteen minutes is mandatory. Hudson Rock/Fingers was excellent for jigging last week. 

Dane Christiansen was catching limits of mid-teen sized fish jigging at 40 feet in the area. Dane is the best jig fisherman I’ve ever seen. He and Russell Crowe used to fish off Del’s boat at Entrance Reef, and just slay the fish. They were quite demonstrative in their abilities, and it was obnoxious fishing next to them when they were hot. Dane told me he was fishing next to a ten-year-old this week and the kid just schooled him - reeled in three fish in the mid-teens, while Dane hooked nothing. The kid was telling Dane it was all in the technique, as he reeled in fish; further proving my belief in karma.

I haven’t fished the pink/coho/sockeye with the pink gear this week. I have seen a couple of big schools of fish in the 30 to 70 foot depths while fishing for chinook. One day I’d just dropped my prawn traps and saw a huge school of fish under the boat. Bad timing, as it’s impossible to fish when there’s 10 prawn traps around you. Doug, Nelson and friends caught nine sockeye off the Fraser on Wednesday, August 27. We’ll be going soon the check out the action.

Ling fishing has been very good for 10 to 18 pound ling. We had a doubleheader of 35 and 20 pound ling one day. We released the big one after a couple of photos, and kept the 20 pound fish. This is top end of the size for ling that I keep on the SilverBlue. Anything over 20 pounds goes back in the water, as they are the big egg-laying females. I much prefer the fish in the 10 to 15 pound size range, as the flesh quality is better, and we leave the big spawners to propagate.

Prawning has been good, and people have been laying off my traps. Thanks to the Cabezon for lending me some gear when mine got stolen. Try 350 feet with good old tuna cat food for the sea bugs.

Good fishing! 

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