Fishing Report for September 19, 2018

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, September 19 2018

Chinook fishing is still sporadic, as the majority of mature fish have headed for the rivers, with some late fish moving through here on their way there. On Tuesday, Sept. 11, we caught two legal chinook in 20 minutes, but there were only two salmon stamps on board, so that was that, we went ling fishing. 

On Wednesday, I fished at the same time, and we hit seven fish in an hour and a half around the tide change, but we lost a couple; four were short at four to five pounds, and the other was a wild eight-pound coho. After that, the trolling just died. Hopefully more coho will move into the area, or some of the later run chinook will pass through. 

The fish we did catch were by bottom bouncing in 180 feet of water from the Grande to the waterfall, using Kitchen Sink spoons and Blue Meany hoochies. Entrance had tons of bait showing when we fished there, but few fish. The jigging has died off at the Fingers for Clyde and Dane and the boys, too. 

Would those of you who do jig around Gabriola like to set up a network for keeping track of the fish locations next year? That is the advantage the boats in Nanaimo have in that they communicate quite well as to fish locale. Please email me if you do a lot of jigging for salmon at Thrasher or Entrance and we’ll set up a method to communicate.

Ling and rockfish close Sept. 30, so fill your boots now. Prawning is still good, but not knockout like it was two weeks ago. Expect 70 to 100 prawns per trap.

Good fishing!

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