Fishing Report for September 22, 2014

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, September 23 2014

The chinook fishing keeps yo-yoing, and I keep thinking that it’s over, but then it comes back. This time, I’m not so sure. We had reasonably strong fishing last week, keeping one or two chinook per trip, plus the occasional bonus coho. Chartering has slowed for me, so I haven’t been on the water as much. Combining my last trip with reports from Regan and Sylvie, and Clyde and Dane, indicate slow fishing for the most part, with the occasional chinook being trolled at the Fingers or Thrasher at 150 to 180 feet. The big Harrison whites could still be coming through, and Tom Davis indicated that the chinook are mostly migrating through the Gulf this year. So, anything is possible. Last year, we actually had pretty good feeder chinook fishing off the Grande in October.

Coho fishing has been pretty thin at Thrasher. I have been keeping one a week, catching them while targeting the chinook. Gerry Rupp has had some success trolling them between Hudson Rock and the Fingers, fishing at 150 feet with spoons.

According to David Korsh, the sockeye fishing has slowed off the Sand Heads, and half limits were the rule this past week. It is probably not worth the fuel to run over there, unless you run into a large school of fish.

Ling fishing has been terrific all of September, with limits coming relatively easily. The fish have been deeper over the past week, with 70 feet being my primary target depth. Bob Rooks had a highly unusual thing happen while ling fishing. He caught a 40 pound ling, released it, but marked the spot on his GPS. He came back later in the day to try again, and caught the same fish, and let it go again. I never thought the ling were the sharpest tools in the shed, and I guess that proves my theory. 

Prawning is great for numbers, but there are lots of small ones in the mix, and some spawners to be released. Method same-same (love that Thai term) - 350 feet with tuna cat food as bait off the Flat Tops.

Good fishing!

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