Fishing Report for September 23, 2013

Bob Meyer

Monday, September 23 2013

Jillian O’Hara with a couple of typical pink salmon caught Sept. 8th on the SilverBlue. Bob Meyer photo


Oops. Sounder made a booboo! (Only the second one I can remember in the last 102 years of me writing for them, so still a pretty dang good track record!) 

In last week’s column I mentioned being harassed by dogfish off Entrance Reef, and having to move after hooking eight “dogs.” 

In the Sounder copy it was changed from dogs to dog salmon. Believe me, if we had caught 8 chum (dog) salmon jigging off Entrance Reef, I’d be there a lot! They fight incredibly hard, probably harder than a chinook. 

Only problem is that they don’t take lures very well in this area. 

I’ve caught a couple on grey Buzz Bombs, a couple on herring strip and a couple on Coyote spoons. I have not yet caught one on the purple/pink squirt hoochies, nor “pink gear,” which is what they are supposed to prefer. 

They bite very readily around Brown’s Bay, and even better around the Bella Bella area. They bite with less frequency in their Southern range. 

The commercial trollers used to occasionally do well here, but even they complained of the moodiness of the fish. The standard joke was that the best bait for a chum in Nanaimo was a gillnet. 

Chum are very odd in the fact that they don’t taste good fresh, but smoke very well. I have actually caught more halibut (7) than chum (6) in the salt water fishery here. I’ve caught lots of chum in the Nanaimo River, where they’ll take a slowly jigged small, pink, weighted hoochie, or small pink fly. 

They are our last species of the five to show - usually around October 1. The Nanaimo River estuary opens for retention somewhere around October 15.  

There is still the occasional chinook and coho to be caught. Entrance Reef has lots of bait, and a few legal fish lingering. Most of the fish off Thrasher and the Grande are in the 3 to 5 pound range, and they are months from being legal. The pinks seem to have departed for the Fraser and local Vancouver Island rivers. It was nice to see the coho and pinks this year!

Ling fishing is still very good, but closes October 1, as do the rockfish. The ling seem to be in the 50 to 100 foot range right now.

Prawning is productive off the Flat Tops. Try tuna cat food at 320 to 350 feet for best results.

Good fishing!

Bob Meyer is the owner/operator of Silver Blue Charters based out of Silva Bay, Gabriola. Tel: 247-8807 fax: 247-9700.