Fishing Report for September 25, 2019

Bob Meyer  

Wednesday, September 25 2019

There are still a few, straggler mature Chinook in the area, mixed with a few feeders, and some undersized. Grande to waterfall, Entrance, and Thrasher all show the occasional fish, but it is not fast fishing! Bottom bouncing Grande to waterfall in 160 feet of water with T-Rex hoochies, or Cookies and Cream or watermelon spoons has been my go to method.  At Entrance and Thrasher, try fishing in 150 to 220 feet of water depth, but watch for stratified bait schools, and match their depth.

There is the occasional Coho off Entrance. Try fishing laterally along the reef, or off the yellow can. Depths range 60 to 120 feet on the downriggers.

The first of the Chum are starting to show, but they are very frustrating as they don’t actively bite here very well. Try small pink or purple/pink hoochies on short, 2 to 3 foot leaders. Bring your patience, and a good book!

Prawning is still very good off the Flat Tops, although the average size has diminished.

Good fishing!

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