Fishing Report for September 27, 2016

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, September 27 2016

The impeccable Sounder team made an editing booboo in my printed column last week. It stated that I had lost a 68 pound chinook to the seals. I don’t know how you would know a fish weighed 68 pounds if you lost it to a seal. Also, the largest chinook we’ve taken on the SilverBlue weighed 34 pounds, or half of that weight. What I did say was that one year we lost 68 chinook salmon to the seals, and it was extremely frustrating and cost me two good clients. 

I’m glad the seals are no longer so problematic, as it seemed to be learned behaviour that was being transmitted through the herd at one time.

The chinook fishing lasted through last week, but with the big rains it is hard to tell when the fish will head to the rivers. Thrasher is still producing quite well, with a mix of 8 to 25 pound fish. Depths range 140 to 180 feet, and the T-Rex hoochie, Evil Eye spoon, and anchovy in Rhys Davis teasers are baits of choice. There is good coho fishing off the Fingers and Neck Point, with some of the fish hitting 10 pounds. Unfortunately, most of these are wild fish and must be released.

Ling and rockfish close October 1. This is the last chance to dance for these species.

Prawning is good off the Flat Tops. Try tuna cat food fished on the 350 foot contour for best results.

Good fishing!

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