Fishing Report for September 5, 2018

Bob Meyer

Wednesday, September 5 2018

A fond farewell to Don and Vickey at Silva Bay Shipyard, who are retiring. Thank you for all your tremendous service and friendship over the past ten years. Have fun in Australia and sailing, you certainly deserve some wonderful leisure. And hello to Clay, the new owner. Best of luck to you.

Chinook fishing is sketchy as some of the fish are heading to stage in the rivers. Grande through Whalebone, and Entrance are producing occasionally, but there’s no rhythm to it. Try bottom bouncing in 135 to 165 feet of water in the Grande to Whalebone area, or 200 to 250 feet off Entrance Reef. Blue Meany hoochies and Kitchen Sink spoons are good choices as bait. 

Conversely, the shallow water jigging is still good for Dane and the boys off the Fingers. They are fishing 30 to 40 feet deep with half jigs and Perkins, and catching lots of fish in that area. There are still bigger concentrations of coho off the Fingers than the Grande or Entrance, but we’re still catching a few close to home.

The sockeye fishery is in full swing off the Sand Heads and T-10. In talking to the locals, it is mostly good, but occasionally the schools are hard to find, or the fish aren’t on the bite. I am itching to go though.

Ling and rockfish are available at Thrasher and Entrance Reef. Try large baits, plastics or jigs at 35 to 100 feet.

Prawning is good off the Flat tops. Try 350 feet, with tuna cat food as bait for best results.

Good fishing!

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