Gabriola Commons Foundation AGM

Nancy Heatherington Peirce

Commons Communications Team

Tuesday, November 10 2015

About 20 members attended the 2015 AGM of the Gabriola Commons Foundation, held on Saturday October 24, 2015.  A new format was tried this year, and was well received by the participants:  seating in a circle instead of rows, shorter agenda (with team reports in writing and posted around the room), and decisions made by a consensus process.

First on the agenda was a heartfelt tribute of thanks to Shelagh Huston for her many years of contributions of time, energy, and leadership.  Shelagh was one of the original group of people who established the Commons on Gabriola and she has now moved off the island.

Deb Ferens, treasurer of the Commons Foundation, then presented a summary of the annual financial report.  (Complete report is available on the Commons website.)  

During the fiscal year, the mortgage was paid down significantly once again, thanks to generous donations from Islanders.  Several grants were received for specific projects including:  Bullfrog Energy, Regional District of Nanaimo, Gabriola Recreation Society, Nanaimo Community Foundation, and Village Food Market (Community Card). 

Various questions were asked of the Trustees, with responses and discussion ably facilitated by Robbie Huston.  Participants were encouraged to read the various team reports after the meeting.

Alison Fitzgerald presented the Nominations Committee report.  Three trustees are ending their terms:  Deb Ferens, Robbie Huston, and Judith Roux.  Five trustees are continuing in their terms:  Louise Amuir, Alison Fitzgerald, Cameron Murray, Maya Ruggles, and Fay Weller.  Those nominated as trustees for a new three-year term were:  Maggie Mooney, Linda St. Clair, George Szanto, and K. Louise Vincent.  Given no other nominations, the nominees were acclaimed by consensus.

The meeting ended with thanks from the participants to Deb Ferens, Robbie Huston, and Judith Roux, for all their contributions to the Commons as Trustees of the Foundation.