Gabriola library offering new book club for teens

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Tuesday, September 3 2013

This fall, the Gabriola Public Library is offering a new book club to teens, the Library Teen Book Club. The first meeting is slated for Thursday, Sept. 19 at  6 p.m. The first book, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, is already available at the library.

Hosted by VIRL Gabriola librarian Jason Kuffler and local young adult (YA) author Joëlle Anthony, they hope to draw teens to the library, and get them interested in reading and writing.

Joëlle said, “With the construction done, there is more room for people to gather in the library. And I would love to see more teens and kids just hanging out, perusing the shelves and having a good time.”

Jason added. “Since starting at the library, I’ve wanted to connect with the teen population on Gabriola. Children and parents often come into the library, but teens don’t come as often, and I want to get them involved with the library and reading, and this is only one idea for doing that.”

They chose The Raven Boys mostly due to its availability. But Joëlle also has several friends who say that it was one of their favourite reads during the summer.

They hope to meet once a month, with a new book each month. They aren’t certain what the next book will be, as they are waiting to hear from attendees.

“We want it to be their club,” Joëlle said. “Jason and I just want to be supervisors and snack providers.”

Jason hopes that enough copies of The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky will be available for the October session.

For more information on the Library Teen Book Club, check out the VIRL Gabriola’s facebook page, or head on over to the library and talk to Jason in person.