Gabriola Talks: Reducing our climate impact

Gabriola Talks

Press Release

Wednesday, February 19 2020

At the upcoming Gabriola Talks session on climate change (Sunday March 8th) we’ll be asking Gabriolans to map out specific strategies to reduce our collective climate impact. The main topic areas will be transportation, food, and consumption and waste.

Graham Bradley, Gabriolan farmer and cycling food distributor, will be leading the discussion on food. He wants participants to think about how we might all work towards changing our diets, reducing meat consumption, and “other foods that are big resource hogs”. Funny he should say “hogs,” because in fact pork has a much lower climate impact than beef, or even lamb, because pigs aren’t ruminants.

There are many angles to consider in questioning what is in our fridges, freezers and pantries. 

Before attending you are encouraged to have good hard look at your food stores and ask yourself why you’ve got what you’ve got. How do you think it would change with a stringent climate-aware lens? What about a disaster? Food for thought indeed and certainly one wouldn’t think well without food, or at least not for very long! 

This event is on Sunday March 8th at the Community Hall, starting at 1 pm (but you need to get there early). 

If you want to join the conversation you’ll have to pre-register at: (then scroll down to Next Steps).