Gabriola’s Old Farts play Nanaimo

George Holt

Submitted Article

Monday, August 11 2014

As if fresh from their last islands soccer game taking on the might of The Saltspringer’s (almost) Over the Hill Gang and coming away victorious , some bright spark decided that our Old Farts could do it again, this time to the well-polished Nanaimo Old Boys team. 

In the past we had suffered badly at their hands. Nevertheless, the scene was set and come Sunday, August 3, we would take on their might once more. 

Nanaimo team arrived promptly at noon and it was our job to pick them up and get them to the pitch at the school for the game; all went according to plan, although the numbers had become depleted. With a bit of quick planning, some of the younger spectators were drafted in for both sides to make up the numbers - if you didn’t have a stick, you were in! 

The game started in good fashion, with the Nanaimo team doing what they do best - two goals to them in no time at all. I had already shut my eyes and feared the worst. Then came a quick goal from Kevin to restore some sort of order then the halftime whistle blew and not a moment too soon, as blistering heat was taking its toll on both teams. 

After a short break under the trees the game resumed, and a goal mouth tussle ended with our team player Patrick driving home another goal for the home team - order restored! The game played with no let up, despite the heat, Nanaimo 3-2, with Gabriola looking down the Eye of Defeat, when tout de suite, my ever youthful son Nicholas swung into action taking the ball from the Gabriola defense area, gliding past the Nanaimo players and striking a Foley from range to put the game at 3-3. Both teams now on their knees and that is how the score line stayed. Calls for a golden goal by playing further were abandoned in favour of a well-deserved swim at Malaspina Galleries, the game drawn and our team treated the visitors to free pizza and beer as a thank you for coming.  Thank you to our sponsors Woodfire (Sharon) for pizza and beer. It was great to see quite a few spectators, cheering both sides along, Islanders and our island at its best. Well done all concerned. Walk-in soccer every Sunday at the school if anyone still feels youthful enough to participate.